Third Sight

by Katie Glasgow

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Listen to it in order if possible as each song is played right into the next :)


released August 22, 2015

Artwork: Caroline Guzewicz
Bass and percussion: Alex Endres
Cello: Jim Glasgow



all rights reserved


Katie Glasgow New York, New York

20, NYU Steinhardt Vocal Performance major making all sorts of tunes

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Track Name: Comic Books
Where does your freedom find you, out on the back porch, a mellow rise behind you, an aching back but sang a fortunate song for the time being.
These lips that last forever are peeling now. But they know where they’ll find you, if you allow me, I know how to want you, and I do. Oh yes I, yes I do.
Sweet is this when I lay, and soon are you. And sorry is the ghost that lost my love. But see he has, but he see has long forgotten my lost luck.
So deep in the river my ring has fallen, ring has fallen down. If you see my, if you see my letter, forget I ever, forget I ever looked down.
The lake is bluer than I thought it could be. I wanted hope my dear but you gave the whole sea, and this is a part, before the whole world. And we want a life before the whole world that’s better than the picture please, a tilted frame and sickly sweet. The water’s warm for you. And I can’t keep it to myself.
Track Name: Eve
Living isn’t fun when you let me breathe easy. Living isn’t fun when you make me pretend.
Apple trees don’t cut it, and neither did the garden. But the scarlet-eyed secrets and bitter dreams did.
You are no one.
Track Name: Third Sight
In between my eyes, a finger. No third sight until the buildings start springing up around me, busier air and browner sky. In between your eyes is nothing, deeper than a cave and just as dark. You don’t know the world exists outside this vacuum. A visitors place is not a home, you say, but here I am so empty. And you don’t know.
Too forgiving, too forgiving, living like yellow leaves and leaving for something that’s easy, pleasing, and please pull my hair, my hair is- be cordial, be honest, but I want a story. I want a home where you’re hardened, the sand from the stone. Watch this for movement. Laying and lying, god, if I die in this bed, don’t forgive me.
A better hope in perfect lighting, in perfect lighting.
My soul falls sweet for this last time. But I know a violet lie that’s mine. You know who you are, dear. That freedom isn’t mine. You know who you are, dear, is not the same inside. I know.
Track Name: Move
I Don’t recall deciding a single thing. I think I must’ve just appeared here on a whim. In this moment, I am not a person in the usual way. I’m a lemon, a cloud, a dollar in the pocket of someone whose hair is grey.
There are so many words that words can’t say. So many worlds that ours can’t measure. There are millions of breaths that are slipping away. How is it that I can’t see them,
That I can’t see anything but through these eyes, that I am so small that I can’t leave a trace?
You must be swirling, swirling, since you’re more than this. I see your body, but your soul is going fast. We are together in a way that isn’t here. We are so large and are so small that they can’t see us.
There are so many wrongs slipped in with the rights. So many questions I’d like to have answered but we’re too caught up to do anything but fight, looking for the reasons to deny
That I can’t see anything but through these eyes, that I am so small that I can’t leave a trace. But they can’t see anything that I do, and they are so small that I can’t see them move.